Monday, December 31, 2012

Pancake Challenge: Day 12

Name Pancakes

Important note about raising (a) child(ren):  Get help.  Lean on family, and if you don't have one, make one.  Same for friends.
Then you have more energy to be there for your kid(s) and later on, for your friends and family, rather than going out hard at the start and burning out spectacularly (or even slowly and insidiously).

And in that spirit...

I have a guest pancake maker today (and maybe for a few more days).  Gramma S - one of T's 4!  Lucky BOY!

And now;

The secrets of the best name pancakes.

Write the letters backwards,
so when you flip them over...
they are right-way-'round.

(I admit E is funny, because I photographed
sorta' upside down.)  And A is always correct.
A great lesson in symmetry, Name Pancakes are.    

Apply the Topping-of-Your-Choice.
3a. No pressure.  Of course on photographing day the Name Pancakes proved a bit runny and misshapen.  But who cares?  They are still tasty as heck!

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