Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pancake Challenge: Day 1

How did I get myself into this?

2 weeks "off" with my offspring - and somehow even Winter Break becomes a Match.

This time there are eggs involved so we all know it is serious.

The idea -

Me: "Hey! Wanna make aebleskivers for the first breakfast of break?"

T: "How many kinds of pancakes are there?"

Me: "Lots.  I don't know.  Why?"

T: "Can we make different pancakes every day of break?"

Me: "Ummmm..... (small voice, like a mouse trapped under a bowl) yeah?!  How about aebleskivers first?"

T: "Chocolate chip aebleskivers?"

Me: "Sure, then blueberry regular pancakes tomorrow?"

T: "Yeah!"

Me: "Well you need to measure out the dry ingredients tonight."

And somehow it is ON.

Day 1:

Chocolate Chip Aebleskivers with cinnamon sugar.
Why cinnamon sugar?  Beacause we said so.

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