Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pancake Challenge: Day 4

Inspired by our trip to Amsterdam, I went with the Dutch, all purpose, any meal, pancake.  These are part of what made traveling in Holland SO easy with a kid.  Pancakes time is anytime - anywhere. Available for any meal.

And the Dutch relationship with pancakes makes me think of mischievous kids would do if given the chance of making their dream pancakes....

"Let's put fruit in them."
"And then after we eat those, we could make some with bacon and onions."
"And cheese, lets put cheese in too."
"And lets make them as big as the plate!"

And you can put powdered sugar on ALL of them!

Enough powdered sugar means different things to different people!

I would have made bigger ones (they make MUCH bigger ones in Amsterdam), but right now my only good pan for pancakes is the smaller one.

I coulda' made a bigger one on the griddle, but I might not have been able to flip it. 

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