Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pancake Challenge: Day 11


They bring out the creativity... or at least the fancy sweetened nut spreads.

Some people fear the crêpe. No need,  just do two important things.
You can also use the one from the Big Book
but for everyday stuff this is the
best bet.  Everything is easy to find,
and she runs the "basic recipe
and variations" groove I live by.

1.  Get the recipe from the modern Master.
Simple, straight forward, nothing tricky, but follow the directions, and do let the batter sit.

Photography is making this pancake look better than it is.
The true messiness is rather hidden.

2.  Remember what Quinn says about the 1st pancake.  This is totally a practice makes perfect endeavor.  You first entire batch of crêpes will likely be unpretty.  But they will still be tasty.  Don't sweat it.

My offspring went with a classic - Nutella Crêpes

I recently got a trip to My New Favorite Store:  Marx Foods.  This is like a crazy toy store for your tastebuds.  Anyway, I picked up a little jar of THIS

Not sure what the Italian exactly is,
but it functionally translates to,
"Pistachio Crack"
It is SO freakin' good.

And made this:

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