Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sushi in the Dark

So, we start to make sushi...  (Condensed story - lived outside of Denver - sushi was far away and $$$ - so Alec learned how to make it a little over 10 years ago.  Been kind of a gateway drug.)

Anyway - the fish was sliced,

and so was the veg

 the rice was in the rice maker.

Then Boom! (well really, "click") the power went out.  Alec stood there - baffled.  "Well, the rice is toast."
"No it's not.  It's just rice.  We can go old school.  Ya know, use fire."

And that's just what we did.  Sushi by candle light.

 NO Broiler?!
Break out the (creme brulée - ok XTra large version we use for torching sous vide meats) torch to crisp the eel.

 Looks cool in the dark!?

And some miso soup.

Which reminded me of part of the awesomeness of Japanese food - perfect no electricity food.  In fact this is a whole cuisine developed in a preindustrial setting - and yet, still brought to high art.  And the general lack of need for ovens helps when the power is down.  Sure, the Japanese love their sweet white bread (anpan/Milk Bread) and other pastries, but those are the imports, their own cuisine goes on without the oven.

And then after the sushi - Pandemic of course.  To complete the apocalyptic theme for the evening. (Are sushi and the apocalypse compatible?)

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