Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 17 – Lost at Tsukiji Fish Market

 Tavin and I got up unbelievably early to go see the Tsukiji Fish market in action  (Next time, get a real tour).  Once we stumbled our way there, walking along streets deserted, except for the odd electric carts making deliveries.

            Inside it is strangely dim, with spots of bright light. 

The giant frozen tuna we got to see in National Geographic are there, but heavily guarded, and No Pictures,

 but I managed to get a blurry shot as a cart of them dashed by. 

Blurry pictures of fish whizzing by… sums up the market.  Along with the tiny booths going on and on, making up an enormous space.


    The big bonus of our wanderings; we found the neighborhood temple.  Beautiful, all lit up for the night.

And then we went home and took a nap.

Afterwards all three of us ventured out for food and a visit to the Tokyo Advertising Museum. 

There we got to show Tavin things he could hardly believe – like record players, black and white TV’s , big, thick, white iPods, and other relics of life before Tavin. 

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