Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 14 - Part I – Breakfast of the Fanciest Kind

Somehow sleeping off all that dinner and hot spring spelunking must have been hard work.  We were hungry for breakfast.  They had offered to make us toast, so we could have a familiar Western breakfast.

No Way!  We didn’t travel this far, track down Chinese yogurt, look at dried sea horse on a stick, slurp noodles, and enjoy a dish of crunchy fish sprouts to suddenly face white toast for breakfast.

We got the good breakfast.
A whole, hot smoked fish flat fish (Tavin demolished his to the tittering of the waitresses.)
A dish of shredded nori.
Rice (of course), and soy sauce for seasoning.
A salad of hijiki seaweed, strips of crunchy lotus root, smoked fish chunks and a creamy sesame dressing.  This was delicious.
A shredded pickled vegetable mix.
A different pickle on a mix of larger vegetable chunks.
Slimy something.  I have no idea what it was, and didn’t really like the flavor, but other diners were slurping it with ghusto.
A bowl of steamy clam broth, again (yummy as always).
And chowan-mushi (egg custard with ginko nuts and other goodies hidden inside).

And tea.  

We were well fueled for our return to the mainland.

P.S.  The only way we didn't explode; all this food from that morning and the night before mostly came in portions that fit into saké cups.

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