Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 14 - Part II – Back to the Mainland & Enoshima Aquarium!

A very amusing part of wondering around outside of the regular stream of expats and foreigners was people continually asking if Tavin’s dad was Japanese.  I can see why…

though there is a certain amount of people seeing what they wanted to see, making up a story to explain why in the world these two odd balls were wandering around this part of Japan.  But it was comforting and fun that the explanation they seemed to want was that somehow we belonged.

And with no segue at all... We said farewell to the beautiful island of Enoshima.

Our Ryokan is tucked in along that coast line. 
There's the whole island!

We stopped by the train station we would later use to head back to Tokyo.  Happily there are still coin-lockers in Japan, so we were able to stash our big bag for the trip to the Enoshima Aquarium.
Sadly, it was too cloudy that day to see
Mt. Fuji.  But we had gotten the
view that mattered the night before. 
Cute little aquarium map.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but this was an amazing aquarium packed into a pocket-sized package.
Tickets and shows for the day

A huge walk around tank full of schooling fish

Tavin trying on a tank for size

Amazing rays in the tank

They had more jellyfish than I had ever seen on display.  You'd think they'd all run together, but the way they were displayed made each one striking and memorable.
Sea Nettle
Spotted Jellyfish

Blue Jellyfish

And the combination of lit tanks and dark halls made for some striking displays of the tastier sea life.

Long Spined Purple Sea Urchin

Giant Japanese Spider Crabs

And they had a dolphin show.  Say what you want about them, they are engaging… and Tavin thinks seriously about keeping the world safe for dolphins in the wild.

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