Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 14 - Part III – Back to Tokyo – Back in the World

Part III – Back to Tokyo – Back in the World

            Egypt’s burning…  That is what we saw everywhere as we returned to the larger world.  There had been rumblings going on when we left for Asia.  The filtered view we had gotten through censored TV while in China had made the picture muddy.  Our first few days in Japan we hadn’t hooked into the world much, and then out in Kamakura and Enoshima we had completely disconnected.  (Keiko-san had sent an email to Alec telling him we were all set and OK.  I had no other easy way to get in touch with him.)  
            Coming from the relatively rustic Kamkura & Enoshima adventure and being completely un-digital, then splashing back into the information hot-tub that is Tokyo and seeing Cairo in even greater turmoil was a shock.
            But as that black cloud was rising in the background, Tavin and I got a chance to enjoy the good order that is so important to the daily life of Japan.  As we were leaving the train station on our return to Tokyo, Tavin and I were going out gates side by side.  I went through, and Tavin was trapped inside, he didn’t have enough money on his SUICA card to leave.  I wasn’t sure how to get to the closest recharge station without leaving Tavin stranded there…. of what to do.
            As I was standing there baffled, one of the snappily uniformed subway guards came over and looked at the red numbers and message on the display screen and my clear bafflement.  I reached in my wallet and handed over Tavin’s SUICA card and a 1000Y bill.  It was the most obvious thing to do.  In less time than it took figure out if I should be upset or worried over the whole thing, Tavin’s card was recharged and we were sent on our way with a polite bow from the subway guard...  Arigato!

            After our travels to the peaceful corner of Kamakura and Enoshima, we arrived back at the hotel, and had a washing day – laundry in the bath tub.  The glamour never ends.
            Fortunately, a gourmet dinner was a short walk away at a depachika.  A quick stop at the convenience store for beverages that only cost an arm (and not the leg too), and we were able to relax, nibble and share our adventures with Alec.

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