Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking!

     A long time ago when music players wouldn't fit in your pocket, my mom would make a food Christmas gift for Everyone.  Lots of silly stories came out of that (e.g. "Dog's Favorite Cheese Ball"), and then there were the leftovers we got to enjoy through New Years.  But mainly, it was the fun of delivering the food, and watching people smile.  I've never gotten over that.

      So once again, it is kitchen madness as I force normal activity to the margins (the making and eating of  dinner becomes DIY foraging when this is on).

You cook durning the Holidays?  We are shocked, just shocked!  Look lady you have a cooking blog, of course you do.  Why a blog post about it?

Ah yes, the important question - this year I realized I can share the recipes!  (I'm quick like that.)

Since my staff of helper elves is actually a cat that just wants to be let in and out all day, and mocks me when I ask him not to play with the ribbon, you will find your bag may or may not contain all the treats listed here.

For those of you in the delivery radius - if you are wondering "what is This?" or want to make some for yourself later... well, this year you can find out.

For those of you somewhere out there, in the blogosphere, whip up a little something for yourself or your loved ones.

(A quick warning - what ever you do make will come out a little different.  Every year I veer off recipe somehow.      But if you follow the recipe exactly, you will get something tasty.  And if you make it a second time, I bet it'll taste a little different.... yet again!)

2011's Goodies for an Instant Cocktail Party:

Mom's Spiced Pecans

Cheese Crispies

Lemon-Pepper-Parmesan Shortbreads

Russian Teacakes/Mexican Wedding Cookies (funny story)

Chocolate Ginger Snap - Nutella Sandwiches


Anonymous said...

Greta, the treats are amazing!! Thank you so much. I've been happily nibbling over the last two days and oops... I forgot to share. You are generous and kind, just like your son! Happy Holidays!!
Julie M.

ssssdavies said...

Greta - always wonderful to taste the love and care that goes into your treats this time of year! Thank you for remembering to share - I did! Enjoy the New Year!