Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick Kale Goodness

I had a request for this one... and realized it is not on the blog.

So, on the fly (sorry no pictures)  But if you want to see what it should look like, Google Images has TONS!

Crispy Kale

A stack of any Kale leaves (this work well with curly & flat sorts)
a sprinkle of salt
a tsp or so of oil

Large, shallow pan (1/2 sheet pan is my favorite)
Salad spinner (optional)

Preheat the oven to 425˚F

Rinse and dry the kale, hold the very bottom of the center rib firmly in one hand.  Wrap the other hand near the bottom of the stem, and pull it towards the top, stripping the leaves off.  Tear them into  palm sized pieces. (At this point you can cover the leaves, and pop them in the fridge for later in the day.)
Drizzle the oil over, and toss to coat all leaves with oil.  Sprinkle with salt - toss again to spread around the salt.

Spread the leaves evenly over the large pan.  (If you have lots of leaves or a small pan and end up with more than 2 leaves thick you'll need to do more than one batch.)  Pop the leaves in the hot oven.  At ten minutes and check crispiness.  If the leaves are crispy like chips, you are done.  If they are still a bit floppy, let them cook until the leaves are crispy.

Munch Away!


Try season salt

Try steak seasoning

Try different combinations of salts, herbs, and oil to create something amazing!

Try using baby kales, just check 'em at 5 minutes.

Hint from a friend:  Crumble this up and serve over a tomato soup and you'll look like a genius!  (I'd like a creamy one with grilled cheese on the side....)

Another Hint from a different friend:  If you keep burning them, USE A TIMER, or set the oven to 375˚F or even 350˚F if you are just having that kind of life.  It's a forgiving recipe.

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