Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B-L-(Fried Green)T

With a nod to Lulu's  (which is inaccessible to me most of the time, since it's in Charlotte, NC), it is time to bring the Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato Sandwich to your table.

See, you put it on healthy bread,
then you have it ALL!

Remember these guys?

Fried Green Tomatoes in 10 Minutes Flat
Did you freeze any?  Time to break them out!
They are destined for a sandwich.

You need tasty bread, lettuce and Bacon!
Get you bread toasting, and do this with the bacon:
This is where you'll fry those tomatoes...
Does this mean it's a 1-Pot meal?
And THEN, the sandwich goes a little "choose your own adventure."

A little mayo on the bread is needed to keep the whole thing moist.  But what kind of mayo do you want?

1. Plain - great if you are in a hurry.
2. Garlic - crush a clove of garlic, and stir into a couple of tablespoons of mayo (garlic powder will also do in a pinch)
3. Spicy - stir Sriracha into mayonnaise at a ratio of 1 part Sriracha to 2 parts mayonnaise (so 1tsp Sriracha + 2 tsp mayo = 1Tbs Spicy mayo)
4. 2 & 3!  Spicy Garlic Mayo.
5. The most time consuming - pimento cheese instead of mayo (in addition to???)

Ingredients: - per sandwich

bread - 2 slices (or 3 for a club sandwich* if you are feeling fancy)
lettuce - the right amount
1-2 slices of bacon (depending of the thickness of the bacon)
1 large slice of dredged green tomato - frozen (or fresh, that's allowed too)
mayonnaise or sandwich spread of your choosing


Heat up a skillet over medium high heat.
Get your bread toasting.
(mix up your fancy mayonnaise)
Fry your bacon until crispy, drain on a paper towel.  Leave the fat from the bacon in the pan.
In the rendered bacon fat, fry your tomatoes 3 min on each side.
Spread your mayo of choice.
Place the hot tomato directly on the bottom slice.

Assemble --> Bread - mayo - lettuce - bacon - tomato - (mayo) - bread.
If you are going the club sandwich route, you'll need to decide on your own arrangement.

*This is the audio from a Mitch Hedberg routine - nightclub ready, but not little people safe, and possibly not work safe either. 

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