Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 9 - Part I - Time to Change Countries

And it was easy.

I was a little sad we were missing the spring festival in Beijing – I mean Chinese New Year… in China!  But honestly, I knew I wouldn’t really have the energy to hunt out a good way to see it.

I was ready to pack up the tea, the kite, the books and maps and the little bags of souvenirs, and head off to our next adventure. 

I was able to bask in the mild reassurance that I had paid a good deal less for my souvenirs than the same thing at the airport.  Yay for small victories.

And airplane tea in Asia beats the pants off the muddy Lipton over here.  Something I was glad of by the Styrofoam cup full.

Arrival in Tokyo was rather straightforward as well.  And the limousine bus – well,  It was a quick splash-down into the new culture; the bowing as each bus arrived and left, the white gloves of all attendants, drivers and guides, the swept, gumless, spitless sidewalks we waited on, and the silent, spotless busses we boarded.

While the new Beijing we just left seemed a haphazardly built, one-and-a-half-sized giant land.

With smog...
  As we drove through suburbs, farms, highways and approached Tokyo (including passing Tokyo Disney! and the Eiffel Tower replica) I felt I was now in a world at three-quarters scale.  

Really - watch your head in the Subway

That was a feeling which never did quite leave.

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