Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tonic & Gin & Cassis

When you make Gin & Tonic, even if you add that something else - it seems to still need lime.

I'm having fun with the new flavors - thought breaking out the lovely tart Cassis liqueur from Sidetrack Distillery might create something nice.

It did.  Just a straight forward G&T with a splash of Cassis.  As a fan of bitter - I loved the way the tannins in the liqueur bounced off the toasty bitterness of my Kina Tonic.  And then the sour of the lime and the black currant, well, it was worth savoring.

The only off note - it wasn't quite the right gin.  I think one with a little more citrus Punch! is called for here.  I'm suspecting Sound Spirits Ebb & Flow may be the ticket, but Spy Hop's Navy Strength might do it too.

Shall have to find out... eventually.

Oh - and if all you have is Your gin, Regular tonic & a lime, still try adding the splash of Cassis.  On a chilly but clear early spring evening, you'll feel like summer can't be that far away.

I was having fun - frozen blackberries
as some of the ice cubes
And the Cassis layered prettily -
before I stirred it all up!

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