Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Howls Gin


Live at the Meet Your Maker event
at the old Rainier Brewery
Of all the local gins - this is the most floral forward.
So for your herbal based drinks - and anything with a flower essence in it,
this should be your gin of choice.  (Think recipes from the Drunken Botanist )

The Navy Strength they were pouring packs the promised punch.
(Fun trivia: Navy Strength - 114 proof or 57% alcohol - means that it wouldn't get Gun Powder "wet" in a way that would keep it from firing.  And anyone who has read Master & Commander - or any of the other Patrick O'Brian novels knows that victory at sea relies as much on a fairly content crew as it does dry powder and plenty of shot.)

Would I drink this in a regular gin Martini?  Unlikely.  The particular botanical bitterness that comes with the florals is too much for me.  But as a pair with Elderflower Liqueur, or with a floral amoro (those complex Italian digestifs that have bubbled up to the surface of cocktail consciousness of late) this is a sure bet.

For a lovely floral cocktail - break out the St. Germain, a beautiful Limoncello (I'm currently smitten by Letterpress Distillery's version - the honey undertones match well with the gin's florals) and your shaker.

Pour over ice into your shaker:

2 oz 3 Howls Gin
1 oz Limoncello (Letterpress if you can get it.)
.5 oz St. Germain (or other Elderflower liqueur)

Give it a good shake - and pour into a martini glass
add the juice from 1/8 of a lemon
add a lemon twist if you are feeling fancy.


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