Thursday, March 13, 2014

Egg Epiphany - 11 Yr. Old Style

I present... the egg:
Yes this is a ridiculous close-up and self consciously
But I have a point...
Those dark spots at the top, and overall moon-like scape - not a healthy egg.

I live in a generally ecumenical household on the egg front.

When I had high school kids living behind me raising chickens and selling eggs - I was 1st in line (well maybe in the 1st 2 or 3), but it was Great!  The only down side, my then pre-school son had a hard time getting the dang things open.

And then they grew up and left for college.


Then a friend of mine got some chicks off Craig's List.  Less regular, but still - wow.  One of those egg whites made an embarrassment of bubbles.

And in between the "good" eggs we'd ping-pong back and forth between Organic and Cage Free.

Right now, it is the bitter end of Winter - the most fragile front of Spring, and around here, the backyard chickens are NOT laying.  Much.

So it has been store bought eggs time.

And then this happened - Pi Day (March 14th to the rest of us... and people get all gooey over 1:59 on March 14, because 3.14159....)

My son hates does not care for fruit pies (texture thing).  But he LOVES sour.
"How about a Lime Meringue Pie?"
"Sure!  What's that?"

Yes, he loves sour so much he'll jump at the word lime, and ask questions later.

Well, one must separate eggs for a Meringue Pie (Lemon or Lime; between the starch custard filling - egg yolks & the meringue - egg whites, there is no escaping the egg separation.)

Now - there was no reason to worry about this.  The boy had been well schooled in egg separation.  He LOVES crème brulée (texture thing - used to hate it, now loves it, I don't get it).

And for that he bravely ventured in to the cold, wet, gooey world of egg separation.  (I believe the word "snot" was used more than once.)

The point is - sure there were a few casualties, to be scrambled eggs/omelets the next day, but it was doable - 3 eggs were always done in 5, often 4, sometimes 3.
The 3 Bowl Method

Break into 1.  Pour the white in the "white bowl"
dump the yolk in the "yolk bowl"
Mistakes stay in the "breaking bowl"

So when we pulled the "Cage Free" eggs out of the fridge.  There were 7.

First he noticed how rough the shells were.
Backyard eggs are the smoothest.  They may have an odd nob, but they are very smooth, thick shelled and hard to break.
Organic eggs are still pretty smooth, and have pretty tough shells.  You still need to strike with purpose.
These cage free eggs - well even my tentative egg cracker was holding back.

And, "What are those dark spots on the egg Mom?"  Oh. Oooo. Um.  Yeah-mmm these are pretty thin eggs.

The 3 bowl method turned into the 5 and 6 bowl method.

"Why do the shells keep crumbling?"
"How are these yolks popping so easy [sic]?"
"Do we have another egg?"

And thus I was scolded.  "Only organic eggs mom.  But I like the backyard chicken eggs better."

I've found egg religion.

Thanks kiddo.

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