Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love gin.  I just do.

Back in the bad ol' days I ran across Bombay Sapphire and had never thought I had or would have anything better.  I was half right.

Then Tanqueray came out with Rangpur Lime - the best Gin & Tonic gin ever... SO FAR... it turned out.

Then the Craft Liquor explosion happened.  I've found the good, the better, and the even better. And a few oddballs.  There have only been a few TOTAL losers.  Oh yeah... and there's the old school genevers - that is the old school Grappa of Gin - medicinal fuel.

But as I was going along I began to realize that so many gins mean different gins clearly have different jobs.  There are gin & tonic gins, there are martini gins, Gibson gins, dirty Martini gins, French 75 gins,  cocktail gins.  Then there are these barrel aged gins which are approaching sipping gins!?!  I'm still unsure how I feel about that.

So... interspersed with all this talk of local and other cooking will be some love notes to the local Pacific NorthWest gin scene.  But I'll not be parochial.  I'll drink outside my time zone and biome.  And as I've come to realize there are some damn fine liquors that make Damn-Finer cocktails.

And Tonic, Mixers & Bitters

Buckle up - and let's ride.

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