Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ramen Re-Post - I need to eat out more often!

Remember, how I made the excuse that, "I'm not in San Francisco, so I'll just settle for dried ramen noodles?"

Lame, lame, lame.

There are several perfectly respectable noodle bars in the Seattle area. (Mike's Noodle House - CID, and many others, Aloha Ramen - Greenwood, Wonton Noodle House in Edmonds... the furthest North I can find, and I don't know the South End - but I bet there's something good in Georgetown).  But for "all we do is Ramen, because if yer gonna do Ramen, you should do Ramen RIGHT" check out Samurai Noodle.

Like I did today.

And this is what I learned:

I learned I CAN get fresh ramen noodles - both thin style - starch based, and less firm, AND wavy style (more traditional) egg noodles.  But I have to go out and LEARN things to know this.  The ramen fairy will not come tell you.

$1 for this ball of skill and knowledge?!
A steal I tell you.

So now I have 6 noodle balls lovingly packaged and frozen in my freezer for my next ramen iteration.

AND for you Seattle peeps who get Amazon Fresh grocery delivery - they have Ramen kits, and will soon be selling them at Uwajimaya AND other local groceries.  (I hope they do a noodle-and-broth-only kit for us Whackos out here with sous vide pork belly in the freezer).

AND they send you home with incredibly excellent instructions.

In my dream world of everybody getting together to make the best food for the best world... Samurai Noodle would get a big kitchen space to make their ramen kits - and sell little frozen vacuum packs of broth in ALL the grocery stores.  And they would get their pork bones from local pig producers.  Because this would make pork bones an asset, rather than a waste product - helping local meat be more sustainable by becoming more profitable and more part of the community, making the the circle of local production even more AWESOME.
And if Samurai Noodle is in need of funding to build this broth kitchen - I bet a Kickstarter with awesome coupons as a rewards would make it go.

I mean if I were in charge.

All in all, not a bad day's work:
1.  Super Delicious Lunch on a rainy day;
2.  New Awesome takeout place for A's work;
3.  Now I have no excuse for not using fresh ramen noodles when I go to that much trouble for the pork belly in my soup;
4.  Real ramen broth is in my future.

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