Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Like Second Christmas Around Here Today!

Best mail day in AGES!

He can't believe he's got one!
Remembering them when they appeared on this earth,
I can also not believe you can just go buy one.

 T ordered a plasma ball with his Christmas money - and it came today...
Yes - they are as cool as they look.
And, no, I am not too old to play with it!

And THIS came for me today:
A box?  What are you - a cat?
 It's my mystery ingredients!

If there were a store in Seattle that is my toy store crossed with Willy Wonka's magic factory, it is this place; Marx Foods.

They have all sorts of crazy foodie products, wild, yet superior ingredients - it's like an art store for cooks.  You can't help but get ideas just walking in the door.  I got to do a tasting there in December and had WAY too much fun.  

They've decided to let me in on the challenge - these 5 green ingredients.   I have been thinking about them for days!

Do I make a risotto, pilaf or rice pudding?  Is the dill pollen more floral or savory?  Is the mint grassy or sweet?  How scented is the bamboo rice?

Already I can say the dill pollen is fragrant and amazing.  I ended up sprinkling some on my salad tonight just because it was calling to me.

And the green cardamom pods are AMAZING!  I've never had any so fresh, the seeds are practically juicy.  And their naturally slightly menthol-y flavor is smooth.  They will be combined with the mint crystals in something.

For what it's worth, the mint crystals are made with mint and sugar.  I'm dying to find out if they make basil and/or lemon verbena ones.

Stand back!  I'll be cooking over here for awhile.  I may need a few extra ingredients.  
Anyone know if Arctic char is good this time of year?  Steelhead?  Or will salmon or trout be my best bet?  Anyway, good pink fatty fish is calling to me.  Just you wait and see what I'm up to!

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