Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The recipes are UP!

Cooking Your Local Produce

Want to tackle the produce from your Farmers' Market (if you still have one, Lucky!)?  The last CSA boxes of the season (or are you year round)?  Stuff from your winter garden?  Stuff you have in the freezer?  Or do you just need to make some tasty veg?

The recipes are up on Google docs.  The links on the pages in my blog.  Clicking the recipe title links you to the recipe.  They are open for comment.  Let me know if a recipe just doesn't work, or the wording is muddy, or the I've just done something dumb.  If it is as good as I think it is, that's nice to know too.

What do you get out of helping me?  Other than tasty food?  I'd love to have any and all commenters in my acknowledgements section.  I've never been in one.

There will be 6 pages - one for each plant part.

Check 'em out and cook up a storm.







Me, with the big knife.

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