Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 10 - Part I - Breakfast at Denny’s & Video Game Shopping

Alec was ready for less adventure in the morning – not more.
So we headed across the street.  The cigarette machine on the way in and the wine list at the table (Spanish, Italian & German – French is only at the fancy places) should have hinted that Denny’s here does not mean what you think it means.
They did have “western” breakfast.  It was just so small.  On the other hand, Tavin and I went for hot Japanese breakfast – and between the salmon filet, noodle soup, seaweed, and tea, we were all set for the day.
            What we should have noted was the ATM – near the cigarette machine – for that became our source of cash.  Most bank ATM’s in Japan only work with their own cards or network cards, not just some random Visa Debit card.  We only came to terms with this after fussing with several machines for many minutes – both in train stations and at several bank branches around the city. 
            Before we really got going in Tokyo – we had a mission – to find a Specific PS3 video game.  So Alec went to Akihabara – Electronics Town with Tavin on a hunt.  Success all around. 

This is the one time the pictures taken are pretty much indistinguishable from pictures taken at home… and are all of things Tavin thought were cool.

Since Alec had Lonely Planet – with maps & Japanese characters, he was able to get a Taxi there and back.  We saved “braving the Japanese rail system” for the next day.

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