Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 10 - Part II – Dinner & a Show

Yes… now that we are in Japan, we can have sushi.

And as I had come to suspect, one of the reasons for the worldwide success of sushi is that good sushi is a result of a nose for fresh ingredients (unique to location), the right rice (easily transportable) and technique.  The sushi we had in Tokyo was very good, the trimmings made it more Japanese than I had experienced,

There were certainly more different fish, and small fish to choose from, and the clam broth – with cute little clams in it was delicious and comforting.  Umami.

When we were all happy, relaxed and full, we got ready to go, and were presented with beautifully wrapped little “take home sushi” (of the pressed and cut variety, rather than rolled) was the cherry on top making it not like at home at all.

After we returned to our room, and realized no one was tired yet, we pulled out the Lonely Planet, and realized we were just down the road from Hakuhinkan – or – as the English writing on the outside says, “TOY PARK.”  This place looks like troop of 13 year olds were in charge of stocking it.  Everything you want is crammed cheek by jowl with everything else everyone else wants, in only a mildly haphazard fashion.  And there is the biggest slot car track I have ever seen on the 4th floor.

Almost painfully authentic;
 the Japanese girls in coveralls
and pigtails... and all those boys.
Except for his gargantuan parent,
Tavin fits in a little too well
 Cars were driven and crashed. 

And then it was time for us to crash too.

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