Monday, August 3, 2009

My Taxi Driver's Views on Chicken

On my way to the airport in San Diego, I started to talk to my Taxi Driver (from near Nairobi, Kenya) about food.
"What," I asked, "is your favorite food?"
"Not this," he said, pointing at a soft drink cup from KFC (until recently known as Kentucky Fried Chicken). "I like fresh food, that sort of thing. What do you do to your chickens here?"
"The chickens, they are injected, they are flabby, they have no taste."
me..."well, just like many Americans who don't get any exercise, we don't let our chickens exercise either."
me..."we keep them in little boxes and houses."
"So you make your animals lazy and fat. I guess that is what make Americans fat. I ate tasty, but scrawny chickens as a boy. Look at me. Not fat."
me..."Nope. I think you have a point. Our cows don't get any exercise either."

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