Friday, July 27, 2012

Extended Recipe: Curry Kraut Short Rib Tostadas

An extended recipe for these tostadas.
Find the zucchini recipe in the previous post.

small frying pan or medium round-bottomed sauce pan
tongs or chopsticks (or spatula)
grill, grill pan or frying pan
paper towels & a cake/cookie cooling rack (or plate)

Oly Kraut's Curry Kraut
Korean short ribs (bool gogi, bal-gi, kal-bi, etc.)*
2-3 small corn tortillas per person
frying oil†

Prep & Cook!:
Next to the stove, place a paper towel or two on the cooling rack with more standing by.
Place the small frying pan on the stove, and fill with 1/4" or so of frying oil.
Heat at medium high for about 3-4 minutes, or until a sliver of tortilla dropped in the oil bubbles and fries and floats back to the top by the count of 10.
One at a time, fry the little corn tortillas in oil.  They will puff a little and turn a golden brown pretty quickly.  Flip, fry the other side and drain on the paper towels.  It is OK to stack tortillas/paper towels/tortillas/paper towels for the short amount of time they will be there.

Once the tortillas are fried, get the short ribs going over a pre-heated medium hot surface - grill, frying pan etc.  Keep your eye on these, they are thin, and cook quickly.  When one side gets cooked, with some tasty looking charred bits (including satisfying grill marks) flip them, and let the other side acquire the same tasty appearance.  (You can pull off a piece and slice it to make sure it is cooked through).

Lay the tortillas out on plates, cover with a layer of the curry kraut, lay over with hearty slices of short rib.  Eat with your hands.

*I do not have a recipe for Korean Short Ribs.  I get mine pre-marinated from Trader Joe's making this a remarkably quick dinner.  There are a zillion recipes on line, I bet 10 are amazing, but very involved, half a zillion are great, and the other half are just fine too.

†Frying oil is anything with a higher smoke (scorching and smelling bad) point.  Canola oil, olive oil (not extra-virgin), peanut oil, vegetable oil, and grapeseed oil all fit the bill.  Usually anything with a pronounced flavor has delicate compounds that would be mangled by high heat.  Neutral flavored oil are usually perfect for frying.

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