Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Egg Salad and Herbs

Egg Salad

Another one of those things that started out as a really good idea, but has gotten pushed around, over simplified, had all the love and originality removed, and we have been made too afraid of fats to appreciate the good the ones in their whole food form do.  And there are few things "whole-er" than eggs.

The laziest way possible to hard boil eggs.
Pop them in your electric kettle, fill to the "full" line,
press the go switch, and get back to the eggs any time
from 5 min to a half an hour later.

Tap gently all around on a hard surface
then peel off the shell - in a nifty strip if you
and your eggs are good.

Work through your eggs
and look - no icky green with the gentle boil.
torn in half is a nice way
to start the salad.

Add a few handfuls of chopped herbs - parsley, cilantro, chives,
oregano, and more cilantro

mustard, salt, pepper and mayonnaise
maybe a little lemon juice if you have some.

ciabatta rolls and lots of fresh summer lettuce 

Enjoy the good summer greens!

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