Thursday, July 26, 2012

Curry Kraut Korean Short Rib Tostadas

An extended recipe for the tostada is in the next post,
the zucchini recipe is at the bottom of this one.

What do you do when zucchini and curry kraut comes in your CSA bag?

Quick, slice up the the zucchini and marinate it in soy sauce and sesame, and toss it in the fridge.  Then, run out to the store (TJ's or a great butcher shop, or a secret family recipe) and get your paws on some Korean Short Ribs (bool gogi, bal-gi, kal-bi, etc.) and a stack of little corn tortillas.

Later that day or the next (or the next), fire up the grill.

Get a rack to keep the zucchini from falling onto the flames, and start it on the grill.

No uni-taskers here!  Cooling cakes one day, draining bacon another,
but today, it keeps marinated zucchini over the fire instead of in it. 

When the marinated zucchini gets going, throw on the short ribs.

The zucchini have much more water in them,
so they will take longer than the thinly sliced short ribs.  
While your minion is outside grilling, fire up a bit of oil in an appropriately sized pan and fry those little corn tortillas to crispy.

Then - when it all comes together, grilled marinated zucchini, short ribs, curry kraut, crispy fried corn tortillas... you look like a CSA genius.  Thanks Oly Kraut, and Thanks Helsing Junctions Farms.

Yeah - you're just lucky this got taken.
I had to throw elbows to keep it from getting eaten long enough to get this one picture.

Sesame Soy Marinated Zucchini

is simply sliced zucchini (scoop out the seeds if you like).  Any shape works.  I had ball zucchini, that's why the wedges.

Use Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil to marinate the zucchini for 1 - 5 days.  Flip or shake every day or so.
I use a ratio of 1Tbs soy sauce: 1tsp sesame oil and make sure everything is coated, but not drowning.

Drain the zucchini when you are ready to use it.  The lost water makes for tastier veg.  Grill the heck out of it out doors, under the broiler - or in a pan.  Somehow get a light char on it.  


(Sorry - I have no amazing Korean Short Rib Recipe other that "buy it from Trader Joe's and grill on a late summer evening.")

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