Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Food Related Products that are SCARING ME!

Please vote...

Which of these products is the BIGGEST indicator that we are on that Handbasket ride to somewhere Hot?

Is it the special banana slicing tool?
(Alec says for $10 it should peel it for you too!)

Is it the candy bar (I know it says energy bar... but it is packaged as a candy bar)
named after a disease (I'm sorry dis-eze)?

Or is it Purina Brand frozen treats for your dog... in the Popsicle section?
(I mean - they'll eat the ones the kids drop, or if you are feeling the puppy love,
chicken broth ice cubes would do it)
P.S. I would include the nearly $8.00 1/2 lb (2 sticks) of clarified butter.  But the $8 does cover convenience cost, and DOES give you a jar you can use to put your own ghee in when you figure out how easy it is to make.

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