Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 6 - Part IV - A restaurant so exclusive you practically can’t find it!

            On this evening of day 6, after Tavin and I were rehydrated, and our core temperature had returned to normal, we met up with Alec after his long day at the Beijing (rented) office.  I had found a Spanish restaurant that was close to a subway stop, and Lonely Planet said was worth the trek. (Spanish food in China, yeah, sure why not?  In the circle of tourist existence we were in, most North/Beijing Chinese food was either crazy expensive or westernized to the point of “no fun.”)
            We followed the instructions to a “T.”  And still were wandering inside and out, about the ground floor of a quite new sky-scraper, looking lost and confused.  A local kindly asked us, “Are you looking for the ‘Spain Restaurant’?”

See the bright lights guiding us around the building?

  Why, yes. Yes we were.  It turned out, the entrance to the Spanish Restaurant was all the way around on the back of the building,

Thank goodness the bar guarding the parking lot was reflective
or I would have smacked right into it

 through a parking lot. 

And no, there was no sign outside. 
I know!?  With that garish lighting and that signage it is hard to imagine how we could have missed it!

Fortunately, the food was worth it, and they even had a wine list of appropriately rough Spanish and European wines (nothing too fine) that stood up to all the garlic & pimento/paprika.

And the decor was actually... pretty Spanish.
            Warm and full, we rode the subway back to the hotel, tucked Tavin in, and went down to the blown glass fantasy of a lobby bar, and enjoyed a night cap of chrysanthemum tea, “good for the throat.”  

Good Night.

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