Monday, July 29, 2013

Picking the perfect avocado

Dang it!

First, stay away from anything that feels soft as a baseball.
Second, say no to things that feel like they are already guacamole in an avocado skin.

Great - so that's staying away from the worst, but you haven't answered the question.
 How do you pick out the perfect avocado?

Find the ones that have a little give.  And then find the one that does this:

When the little button comes off, that's the timer that tells you READY!

So how to cut it up nicely?

Cut around the seed, twist it in half.  Pop the knife into the seed and twist it out.
(AaaaaahhHHHHhhhh!  How do I get the knife of the seed.  DON'T PULL!!!!

Over the dull side of the knife, push DOWN on the seed with your thumb and forefinger.  Sort of pinch it off.  So safe I let my boy do it!)

Gently cut slices or cubes.

And peel off the shell.


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