Friday, October 26, 2012

Karate Smoothies

I got the chance to go work out with some great people from my dojo, and a special guest instructor (who is one of the most amazing teachers I get to watch) for a weekend.

I wanted to eat well, and the best way to do that seemed to be to ask to be in charge of the food.  They let me.

So both mornings I wanted a tasty breakfast with some sugars to wake us up, but some protein to keep us going.... oh and fast prep, fast service and simple clean-up.  (We were serving 17!)

A smoothie with apples-and-peanut butter, or toast-and-something fueled everyone for a rather intense morning.
(This was for a dairy free crowd - so we went the silken tofu route.  Yogurt adds a bit of sour.  Both work and whichever is good for you is the right one.)

Make these with some frozen fruit – no ice cubes needed

large spoon
drinking vessel(s)

2 handfuls of fruit (frozen/partly thawed) – about 1C
1 large spoonful of yogurt or silken tofu – about 1/3 C
(Using fresh fruit?  Add a handful of ice cubes as well.)

In a blender, add two handfuls of frozen fruit, a heaping  spoonful of yogurt or silken tofu, and pour juice of your choice into the blender jar until it comes up to the top of the frozen fruit.

Place the lid on the blender.  Start blending at a lower speed.  Then turn up the power and blend until smooth.  Pour into your drinking vessel(s).


Some combinations to begin with:

peaches and orange juice
raspberries and cranberry juice
plums and carrot juice
cherries and pomegranate juice
strawberries, melon and orange juice
apples, pears, mint and apple cider

frozen blackberries - and protein boost of your choice.
 I also added peaches to this smoothie - but thawing
peaches aren't as pretty.

It is hard to go wrong, and combinations of whatever fruit you have on hand is usually what works best. 
Using a combination of fresh and frozen fruit is a great option as well, or let tomorrow’s frozen fruit melt a bit in the fridge over night.

Feel free to get adventurous by adding more savory flavors, like cucumber and leafy greens.  Learn what you like and makes you feel good.

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