Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello? Anybody Home?

I bet you've noticed a HORRIBLE lack of entries here this summer.

Why you ask?

It has been an all hands on deck (oh wait I just have 2) experience getting this cookbook the rest of the way ready to go.

But, now that all the pictures are taken, the recipes written, the copy edited the best it is going to get - by me - the book is gone and out of my hands.

But I'm going out tonight to Foodportunity in Seattle to meet people and figure out how to get it out there in the BEST possible way.
And then time to get back to my adventures here at home.

How many heads are better than 1?
Giant Kraut Cabbage at Central Market
This is what you are supposed to buy to make sauerkraut.
Then what?  I don't know now, but I may some day.
In the mean time, check out OlyKraut.

A post on beets - and how not to get people to eat them - and then a good way to start.

Some tasty fall food - root vegetables and squash.

A tomato sauce primer for the timid - or those who have left over tomatoes for the first time in years!

And then the recipes from my last weekend where I worked hard at Karate - and got to feed hungry athletes and make them happy.

So - things should AT LAST pick up around here, as things have slowed down elsewhere.

My favorite cabbage head!

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