Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden has returned!

We interrupt the China & Japan diversion to momentarily get this blog back to where it usually goes.

Between the crummy weather, a bout with pneumonia, and the crummy weather, I was feeling very questionable about reviving the garden.

It's chive time again!
But as I looked out and saw the chives all ready for tonight's fried rice, I took heart.

Oh... and it was really sunny - with blue sky and low wind - high enough temperatures to make me pull off my jacket as I beat the encroaching weeds back (Back! Back I say!).  The warm spell lasted long enough for me to pull up the weed cover, and add some soil goodies.  I need to a bit more compost to the dirt to loosen it up and feed it for the new crops.

Amazing what sun can do.  And not just for the plants.
One kale that held on over the winter.  I'll keep it until new stuff comes in.

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