Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So You Know That Book I Keep Talking About?

That's my book!

It is beginning to have a physical existence.  This book actually has pictures that have been taken (well LOTS of pictures.  That's what I did last summer.  Cook food while pictures got taken.)  But now the text and photos have been laid out on pages.  And I have some!

OK, they will be bound into a book.
But actual pages!
But I have a Facebook Page for it.  And will soon have a website for it (guess what I'm doing this weekend...)

There will be a few recipes - a link to find local Farmer Markets and CSA in your area, and of course - a way to buy my book.  (Duh!)

And even if you are never ever gonna cook - check out these amazing photos!  I wish I knew how my amazing photographer Vee Sawyer created such beautiful art out of MY food, that I made.
I'm still somewhat stunned.

(Phew!  Now just 700 more hours of editing...)

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Stephanie said...

COOL, Greta! I can't wait to see it.