Thursday, February 28, 2013

Haenam Kalbi & Calamari

Quick Review!  Try somewhere new.

I've been meaning to get my teeth into some of the Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican and Centro-American Restaurants lining Highway 99 near my house.  A sort of penance for complaining that there aren't many restaurants in North Seattle.  Yeah - I've learned my lesson after the whole Ramen thing.
And I'll confess, what kind of penance is it if you have to go try food?  Clearly one I made up for myself.

So I was invited to go eat at Haenam Kalbi & Calamari (15001 Aurora N Shoreline 98133).

To start - they have roasted barley tea.  This is a lovely lightly sweet and pleasantly bitter drink.  Next time I'll have to see if they have Korean Ginger Tea.  That is one of my favorite Gingery treats.

The menu has good pictures and descriptions - so don't be nervous, just go in and try.  But what to try? 

First time, go with Stone Bowl Bi-bim-bop.  Hot bowl, rice, a variety of meats (tofu available), veggies and an egg.  The stone bowl makes the rice at the bottom crispy and good.  There is a galaxy of side dishes to accompany.  Kimchee (the spicy pickle) along with other fermented veg, dressed veg and some salads.

I tried Hwe dubbap - Basically Korean sashimi, but served over fresh greens, and then you put a bowl of hot rice over it, and eat it with a fantastic hot and sour sauce.  Num!

And if there's no other reason to go?  The have a really cute sign - a little piggy and a squid.
(Yes I shoulda' taken pictures.  I'll do better next time!)

P.S. The Yelp reviews tell you about more of the dishes if you are curious.  A solid 4 star place.

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