Friday, November 16, 2012

I Am Not Original

Heck, I'm not even at the leading edge.

I've been on a Spanish (vinegar, garlic, herby, eggy) kick with New World influences (pumpkin/squash, corn, pine nuts, walnuts/pecans).  I know that sounds "Mexican" or "Central American" but Spanish cuisine and Mexican are so different, they can be their own fusion genre.  Spanish still owes much to the continental French lead style.   

So as I've been messing with Spanish potatoes (recipe and comments on my failures upcoming) and pumpkin and meat mixtures (pumpkin beef tomato Empanadas upcoming as well, and the pumpkin chile is in development), and looking ahead to Thanksgiving, I thought, OoooooHhhhh! Turkey Pot Pie.  

Now being barely competent in the pocket pie arena, I peek about the internet for Empanadas, and why not Pot Pie Empanadas?

Well, not only are there tons of recipes for Pot Pie Empanadas, they are a convenience food that has been made in such massive quantities that they have been made badly enough that some need to be recalled.

  • 10-lb cases each containing 4 boxes of 27 count “MOLLY’S KITCHEN MINI CHICKEN POT PIE EMPANADAS," with the product code of “953397” and best before date of “Aug. 30, 2012.”

Yup.  They've been thought of, and are being mass produced in boxes of 27 (27? How is that a sensible number?) distributed in 10lb cases, and screwed up enough to be recalled. 

On the other hand this proves this is a great idea.  Lots of people have thought of it, done something with it, and made people happy with it.  So I'm going to run with this (and so much else).

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