Friday, February 10, 2012

28,000 Words

Draft 1 is off to the editor!

The cookbook is leaving the coop.  I can quit pounding the keys and obsessing over words, and let someone else do it for me for a bit.  Until I get it back.

In the meantime - the yogurt results are just around the corner.

One thing I've run across is everyone has their favorite kind of yogurt, and give the recipe for that.  But different yogurts are good for different things.

So clearly the internet needs a table of temperatures and times.

OK really, yogurt is something people have been making with out thermometers and sterile containers for ages.  (And my first off the cuff attempt is disappearing rapidly.)  But hey, we are who we are.  And I have a SousVide, an instant read digital thermometer, and a biology degree.  So - WEEKEND PROJECT!

Step 1. Get some good Honey
Step 2. Don't eat all of last weeks yogurt
Step 3. Don't forget to use BOTH the regular milk and the ultra-pasturized (and powdered milk only... that sounds like a challenge!!!!!)  There is the contention that U-P won't work.  But biology says it should work just fine, U-P should mean that it has fewer fermenters than usual, so if inoculating the milk, it really seems like it means a freer field for the new inhabitants.  But we will see!

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