Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the New Year off Right!

For Christmas I got a new Sous Vide.

This machine smacks of "geek-with-a-good idea."
Built mainly by engineers rather than designers,
the plug is even a standard computer power-source cable.
On one hand it is a glorified slow-cooker/crock-pot, and yet another kitchen gadget to take up EVEN more counter/cabinet space.  But the the fact that this slow cooker takes advantage of the high heat capacity of water, and has "within-a-degree" temperature control makes it so much more.

The Instruction Manual

So what to do first?  

Well, getting this book was a great start. 

But still, what was the perfect thing to wake up to on New Year's Day?

Dulce de Lèche of course!  

I may have had to taste for quality first thing.

How to do this?  Hunt and Gather through the internet and get THIS recipe 

The basics - Sweetened condensed milk, 180˚F, 13-15 hours. I threw in reusable jars while I was at it.

Pro-Tip: Start the caramel at 7pm. 
Then you don't need to wake up at 2am and 4am
 to check on the progress and 
remove the jars from the water bath.

 I'm going to make you go look at the recipe they worked out.  They spend their research time in a whole different world of food than I do.  And have been doing so for years - LOTS of good ideas, and well thought out and written.

Everything you could want in a caramel, plus some other things you didn't know were available - like warm-butter like spreadability, a "not-to-sweet" flavor that is like no other caramel you've ever tasted, and by getting up at 4am to take it out and let everything cool, it is ready for buttermilk pancakes!!!!

Yes, I still get name pancakes....

We had Apple Cider Vinegar Syrup as well, so Caramel & Apples with a tang...  Well, I'm ready for anything now!
Maybe even some sous vide steak, and later a crack at sous vide Crème Fraîche.

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Suzette Mahr said...

Welcome to the crazy world of sous vide cooking, Greta, and thanks for the kind words on SVKitchen. We are having a blast, and hope it shows. Keep us posted on your own successes with the SousVide Supreme.