Monday, September 12, 2011

When it All Goes Wrong

There are somedays, instead of making something, I just make a mess.

Several weeks ago, I had a whole bunch of plums, and made a delicious baked plum and ginger... something.  The bottom of a crumble, or a cobbler, or the inside of a fruit pie, or I don't know what; the British* call it stewed fruit, but that doesn't sound yummy to modern ears.  We just hear "stew."

Anyway, it was extremely tasty over vanilla ice cream, and over Greek Yogurt†.

However, when I chose to make it again, I left it in a too hot oven for too long, and it came out like:

That's burned - and Not Tasty at All

Which meant, soak (have your husband NOT wash**, because it looks, "jammy or something you were working on"), wash, and try again.

When you do it right -

Tasty Plums for Over Ice Cream (or a variation)

Baking pan
Cutting board

Ripe plums (pluots & apriums also work well)
1 Tbs sugar for every 2 large or 4 small plums
Thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and sliced into slivers

Slice the plums into bite-ish sized pieces.  toss with the sugar and ginger slivers in the baking pan.

Heat the oven to 350˚F.
Bake the plums until they are juicy and tender, and the ginger has lost its sharpness. (20 minutes or so. Check at about 15 minutes first time you do this, and learn from my mistake.)
Eat with your favorite accompaniment.  Shortbread cookies are also good.

When you do it right it looks more like this:

*If you are British and object, blame Jamie Oliver.  And me, for not doing more research.

† According to me, and a taste test I found, Fage is the tastiest, Hands Down.  The taste testers say Oikos & Chobani are pretty OK, TJ's needs work.  I agree.  And say Greek Gods is too runny to be real Greek Yogurt.

Bonus: Greek Yogurt is a stellar stand in for Sour Cream.

** The right move in the face of past experience.

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