Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DamnIt! Where can a girl get a quality ham?

So... one of those seasonal things.  I have just reduced POUNDS, even kilos of fruit to chutney.  The English, pub kind you eat with cheese and cold meat.  And a great cold meat to eat a spicy sweet chutney with is ham!

Seattle, while being bacon CRAZY, (among other things the home of "Bacon Jam"), but not a great place to get ham.  While not the tip-top, this town couldn't even support a "Honey Baked Ham" store, and I remember as a kid, they weren't bad... just a little flabby for the purist.

Searching for ham in Seattle is now a mission.
It may require a bus ride to Pike Place and/or the CID.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime...

The River Cottage Preserves Handbook (by Pam Corbin) is where I got the chutney recipe to deal with about 5 pounds of fruit (apples, pears & plums) that was hanging over my head.  Sweet, sour, sticky and gingery with a little kick.  I've got to bottle it so it can properly mature.

I'm going to bet it goes great with leftover pot roast.

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