Friday, April 9, 2010

It's cold and I want quick warm food...

Bacon and Swiss Cheese Omelet... with chives!

The only thing that is safe outside is my chives. Frozen bits of water keep falling out of the sky. It is not snow... that is water frozen in the clouds and falling gently upon the earth.
It is not hail, that is developed in thunderheads and thus falls in thunder storms.
It is not freezing rain as that is rain which falls out of the sky as a liquid and only freezes in contact with cold surfaces, and creates a glaze.
I can only guess that this must be sleet. I suppose that is what it is called when liquid water falls out of the sky, and freezes on the way down.

Anyway - I was chilly at lunch time. Bacon, Eggs, swiss cheese and chives. NO desire to make a quiche. (Crust, baking... more dishes.) So omelet time.


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