Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Bonus of my Future Garden

As I was getting the rest of the dirt for my new garden (how CITY is that? I s'pose if I had lots of land a compost pile or 2 then I could make my own - GO Cindy and 2 Percherons!)... anyway. I'm going to grow Nasturtiums since they are so fast and hardy I grew them successfully at 8500 ft in Colorado (only to have them eaten like jelly-beans by deer).

I mentioned this to a gardener at Sky Nursery and she passed this on to me... so I share. And this way, I can come look it up when I have the flowers.

Nasturtium Butter
(or how to look AMAZING at a buffet with just a Baguette, Salami & Butter)

1 stick unsalted butter - room temp or softened
5-8 Nasturtium flowers chiffonade
both chiffonade and chopped tiny
salt and lemon juice to taste

stir and whip all above together until well mixed

Roll into a cylinder in parchment paper or similar - refrigerate

Slice into thin rounds, spread on small slices of baguette, or simply place, and let them wilt in the heat.

The butter will look lovely, and yet be so tasty, it must be eaten. A thin slice of salami is a wonderful pair.

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